We are HR consultants, providing value and support by getting you the right people, or making your people right, or by working with you to create the right environment for your people.

Introduction to
FORT.O Nigeria Limited

With our operational base in Lagos, Nigeria, we provide targeted solutions for our clients (corporate and individual) in a  professional manner to help them achieve  their desires in an effective and efficient way.

Ours distinctive approach derives from our measured combination of industry,  research and academic expertise in analysing problems and proffering solutions.  The combined experience of well over 200 years and a track record of hands-on  involvement and successful implementation of programmes give us the edge.

Talent Sourcing / Outsourcing

Experienced/Middle Level/Specialist Talent

On the basis of Job Descriptions or briefs supplied by the client, we leverage on our extensive HR network across industries and sectors to produce suitable candidates for specified roles:

  • Hard-to-Find Skills/Specialised Roles
  • Routine Front Office & Back Office Roles

Performance Management Audit

Even when employees are good and productive, an organisation can still have performance issues.  “Performing” employees may not be maximally productive.

Getting Started

Let’s talk business

The reason we are in business is to add value to our clients  and society by  providing appropriate,  effective and efficient  solutions.


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Generation, Transmission and Distribution




Banks, Finance Houses, Investment Houses, MFBs, IMTO


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